About Us

What is VR Drive?

The state-of-the-art/unique center for the study of theory and preparation for driving studies. The unique simulators combine virtual reality technology and provide a comprehensive experience which simulates real terrain driving.

The learning process is accompanied by explanations, video clips, trivia questionnaires and games and of course a driving experience.

The VR experience simulates the spatial perception, the directions of the driver’s observation and provies a sense of presence in the vehicle

What does this venture include?

– A learning center built from a training classroom.

– A compound with ten simulators and an exam training compound.

– Virtual theory learning software through VR glasses Includes 6 lessons, driving training and a final exam.

– App for downloading: an app for theory studies with home VR glasses.

– Website: the website includes explanations, study material and exam practice, Good driving practices training, good driving practices refresher and winter / summer driving for fleets, companies, and organizations.

– Collaboration: Or Yarok and the Road Safety Council, Be’er Sheva Municipality, high schools, the Department of Motor Vehicles, driving instructors and a car importer