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a Revolution in the world of theory studies!

A new technological development through VR virtual reality makes it possible to study for the theory test and to increase the chances of success in the theory test. VRDRIVE network- offers futuristic centers of theory studies and driving through virtual reality, the network was founded in 2016 by the Adiel brothers and Shalev Cohen which are the forefathers of the project, the brothers observed that new students, without any driving experience, find it difficult to learn and to understand theoretical content as well as finding it difficult to concentrate on the learning process, and thus the number of those failing, increases every year. The study method which they developed makes the students focus, allows an understanding of the material in a visual, experiential, clear and interesting manner.

Adiel Cohen, co-owner of the network:

“The state-of-the-art simulators that we have built, simulate real field driving and also provide a comprehensive experience for theory studies. Thus far, we can report that 80% of students who took driving lessons in VR have passed the theory test at the first time.”

One of the things that the teenagers are waiting for is to issue the driver’s license. However, everyone knows that even before obtaining the license in general, and the ability to enter a vehicle and to receive driving lessons in particular, that they must should study and pass the theory test.

So what can be done? It is possible to purchase textbooks, to memorize the rules using a dry run and by heart, to take the test and to count on luck that will make you pass the test. Or you can allow us to introduce you to a new technological development that through virtual reality (VR) will allow you to learn the theory in an experiential and comprehensive manner, which will increase your chance to pass the test successfully.

The network vision

We provide the learners with theoretical knowledge from a real understanding and not from a technical memorization, striving to upgrade the culture of learning how to drive in Israel, to bring the learners to a level of readiness and awareness of driving, in a manner that will significantly reduce traffic accidents and especially, for new drivers.

Why should you join the VR DRIVE family?

  • A young environment – suitable for young franchisees.
  • Comprehensive training- the franchisee and employees undergo a complete training at the main branch of the network.
  • Assistance in tracking – a top notch location for the Learning Center and negotiations up to the signing of the contract.
  • Close and personal accompaniment – of the network throughout the process of establishing the branch.
  • Assistance in obtaining Initial funding – a consultant on behalf of the network who will assist you in creating a business plan and to apply for fund-raising of one of the funds.
  • Marketing and advertising – the network

Steps to open the VR-DRIVE branch

Meeting coordination


Signing a franchise agreement

Tracking a location for the branch

Planning and construction

Training in the main branch

Recruitment and training of employees

Planning and construction

The V. R. Drive Network started its operation and the creation of the software on 1.6.16

The first branch was opened at 1.9.18 – and a year later, 10 more branches were opened throughout the country, from the south of the country to the north of the country.

Our branches in Israel:

Be’er Sheva / Eilat / Jerusalem / Rishon Lezion / Petah Tikva / Afula / Haifa / Carmiel / Nof Hagalil / Ashkelon

Operating hours:

Sundays-Thursdays : 9:00-20:00
Fridays: 9:00-14:00
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