Theory and Driving Trainingin Virtual Reality

An experiential and fun learning method that significantly increases the chances of success in the theory test!

About Us

A learning center that provides a learning experience while driving by integrating virtual reality technology (VR) . The simulator is designed to teach the theory of driving, provide preparation for the driving test, provide preparation for driving studies, transmission mode training and proper driving training. The new method integrates driving experience, explanations, videos clips and trivia questions. The VR experience makes it possible to simulate the spatial perception and of the driver’s directional observation and provides a sense of presence inside the vehicle in real time. Once the student visually sees the sign or the situation in hand and receives an explanation from the virtual teacher he will learn and understand more!

Why learn with us?

A study done on learning using virtual reality has shown that using a virtual reality device gives the user a separate, deep and realistic experience that significantly promotes learning.

Entering the Virtual World

When wearing the glasses, the users see themselves sitting in the driver’s seat with a theory teacher sitting beside them.
First, the teacher will begin with a brief explanation of the nature of the lesson, course, and the way that they are conducted.
Once explained, you will be asked to start the trip. When you reach certain study material, the car will automatically stop and the teacher will give you an explanation of that material. The next time you come across study material that has already been explained to you, a trivia question with 4 possible answers will appear.
The software is built in such a way that the user will find it simple and easy to study the theoretical material.

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